Friday, July 30, 2010

I am a material girl, so what?

As I was going through recent Fb posts, a dear friend working in Dubai walled about a 70% off diamond jewelries in a store (ARY) nearby and she bought herself a pair of earrings and a ring. I WAS DEAD ENVIOUS!

Well, I had always been fascinated with glittering jewelries and precious stones since I was a young ambitious girl. I begged my Papa in buying me even the cheapest ones he could get so long as they are genuine. Though it were China gold, I have treasured them like crazy. Unluckily, mom had to sell them when we got hit by a major financial disaster :(

Think fashion statement and investment, jewelries can give us best of both worlds! Unlike gadgets, gold doesn't depreciate. Its market value even goes up as it ages. And oh yeah, its beauty is timeless.

It is but wise to get yourself a good investment. I just did a few months ago and I am dying to get another one. See that gorgeous piece of beauty up there? I got it from a lay away plan. Though you have to be patient, it is definitely worth the wait.You are given 5 months to pay, it's not a one time pain in your pocket! Just like putting pennies on a coin bank , that is how I motivate myself.

To Dibo the gift Dragon whom my son always watches, puhleaze fly me to the Middle East at once!?! Here are the magic words: Di di bo ding dibodiboding!

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Fesco Temberson said...

I am very find of glittering jewelries too. I have dozens of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and pendants also. My friends are jealous of me. They say I'm a materialistic girl.

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