Monday, March 17, 2008

Blair is a sure HIT..what a relief!

Back in college( i think it was summer 2006) while we were busy applying for completions, i noticed Jazz getting hooked on a series of books with intriguing pictures as covers..she was all kilig talking about it..I had no idea what she was talking about so she handed me a copy of Gossip Girl..immediately i was addicted to it..i was crazy borrowing the next ish..then i finally bought my very own book..the part where Nate and Blair finally made love..Well sad to say kame lang ni Jazz ang naka relate sa story..In fact when i used Blair as a nick sa The Park Community, i was always mistaken as a boy coz most of them associate me with Tony Blair..Some even made fun of me..teasing me with the BLAIR WITCH PROJECT..And I'm like "HELLO!?!Does anybody know who Blair Waldorf is?"
So when i first heard bout the GG TV series,i had my relief..Finally,Blair is brought to life by Leighton Meester..Atleast justice is served for a very strong character that i trully appreciate..Out with the old,in with the new..Now everybody's talking about her...Love her or hate her..Blair is Blair for a reason..xox

The not so-novice blogger

i never imagined blogging was so much fun.courtesy of Mel Beckham of course..*bows*.. the image at yah GG right?wag na maluha sa inis, just do it yourself...
this is definitely the perfect exhaust for a bummer with a recuperating heart..