Friday, July 18, 2008


If you think being a call center agent is all luxury, then feed on these:
  • paying 20php for a trisikad pakyaw every night.kelangan na ba ng diesel ang paa ngeun pra pumadyak?swapang!!
  • sleeping in sitting position and eyes partially open..kaya mo yon?
  • the log out button is the sweetest invention ever in the world!
  • fakin' a smile and modulating a sweet voice when what you really wanted to do was SCREAM and YELL at your uber irate customer who couldnt accept the fact that he is DEAF, DUMB and LEGALLY BLIND!;
  • for newbies like me, nervously waiting for that first fukcin DING DING!
  • prank callers sucked bigtime.
  • boredom led to blogging your suckin lovelife in your notepad(eh kung sana alam ko lang na in a few seconds all the 4 floors will read and talk about it!);
  • fridays as saturdays and sundays as mondays.Who the hell invented real time?
  • As far as i know, LOW by florida is still the "in" thing.dang!that's sOOoo outdated!
  • My roOm has never been this dark-lit or literally 'all covered in sheets'.
  • You get to learn to budget your time.Yosi:3mins. Snacks:5 minutes.CR:2mins. impressive ei?
  • Gossiping and blogging are the next best things next to sleeping..
  • fave time of every shift is AUX 2 (i get to savour my meal for 3o minutes)
  • the CONCEALER is every agent's bestfriend
  • days off are spent either pigging out or blissful sleeping like there's no tomorrow.
  • On your way home, lahat ng ng katabi mo sa jeep ang babango pa pero feeling mo ikaw you smell like a stinking carpet.
But wait,there are also reasons for all you call center aspirants out there not to be discouraged:
  • the wonderful friendships developed in the call floor is incomparable
  • reps are paid about night differentials and meal allowances..hmmm...
  • simple "Oh dear you are so nice" from a satisfied customer is better than a commendation or a 100% QA score.
  • american twang lessons for free!
Why i still lurve my job despite the pros and cons?the rest are yours to uncover...

Not that I hate happy endings..

I am feeling a bit pessimistic.

Adjectives for the day.:

  • lust.infidelity.divorce/bigamy or trigamy...

  • oil price hike.controversy.graft...

  • delinquency.delayed periods.abortion...

  • deceit.horror.depression.schizophrenia.suicide...

  • probation.sanction.termination...

  • uncontenment.ambition.despair...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

S! exclusives

I am equally flattered & shocked I SHOULD SAY,expecting appreciation least from the person whom i torture with pathetic truths the most.i must admit ive been quite hard on her lately. But i aint feeling sorry about anything yet! Coz i believe a MORBID girl like her needs a friend who shares the same level of MORBIDITY. We click though we have differences. In fact we argue a lot--intelligently. Sometimes we even hate each other so much. But never in my life did i feel most needed. Awww..Now you're making me weep:(

So i dedicate this blog to my 'it' girl JAZZIE or S as I call her.For even if I always make her cry, she knows how much i love her and Skye too. She might have failed to see the qualities she has which I envy most: creativity and eloquence. That if she's happy im happier. That she's one hot soon-to-be mOmmy.

But i know she knows for a fact that if she attempts to hurt herself or Skye again, Id be the first to spank her ass (figuratively and literally) and it would surely be painful than death per se. FYI, I normally threaten or ignore her just to let her know I disagree,just to make her realize I CARE. Weird but lovely aren't we?

Experts say Positive reinforcement is the best motivation but i beg to disagree. That just doesnt work for S & B. We feast on PESSIMISM and we get passionately driven by sorrow,or worse, depression. Why are we such NEGA BITCHES? Coz by being such,we lose less and gain more. DOes that make sense?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Why BITCHES need to get sick sometimes...

July 6 Sunday 1:00pm

After another weekend mischief, i woke up with friggin headache, a runny nose and low fever. hangover?no!! these are positive pathognomic signs of INFLUENZA.Forgive me,i just got my BOARD EXAM RESULTS FROM PRC MANILA FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!i have every right to be medical-ish..Anyhow,this is SoOoo annoying!I should have been out there enjoying one fine sunday before returning to work,but instead, I was stuck in my bed blowing my brains outta my nose and practically using up all the tissue there is in the world!Ive got 11 fukcin ticking hours to cure myself. Thanks to my genetically uber-weak immune system, it usually takes me 3-5 days to get back to normal functioning.No way am i using my sick leaves, I cant put my pending regularization at stake!Curse all you want b*tch coz you dont hava choice..


i should be pigging out by now but hell i can barely touch my food. You are officially sick NEL, that alone is good enough to declare.Im too tired to belly dance or even watch tv.I might spread my virus so I cant play with Bebe Ela either. What the hell am i supposed to do?!?Just lock yourself inside your room you poor sexy thing:(

Sulked in my bed.Listened to my old but ever useful shuffle. What now?My brain's still hyperactive though my body just wants to turn off for a recharge. Hmmm..Maybe this was the perfect time to stop,look and listen. i have all the time to be alone and evaluate the general and specific aspects of ME. I call this An Internal audit of my beautiful mind.Ching!

I looked back and reminisced. Call it weird but i had fun. There were some parts in my life that i badly wanted to EDIT, while there were some memories I just want to savour or relive forever. I found out how pretty much my life has changed after I got my heart broken by that a**hole.

Just to name a few:

1. Im dating this special guy for months but still i dont see or feel love. I just badly needed to feel attached.

2. Ive been bad. I lied,I cheated and betrayed. Lets just not delve more on the details ok?Where have my morals gone??

3. I drink and smoke compulsively.Even my caffeine intake is too much for a stress buster alibi.

4. I skipped my belly dancing routine at home. I dont even walk a lot anymore.

5. Im always broke and i dont know why. Im already hired remember?

Ergo, it still boils down to one perpetrator.I allowed one person to take away not only my happiness but my entire life. I bet he's already having a time of his life( is he?hmm) while I made a mess out of mine. Momy Joanne is right, Im still lucky I didnt suffer consequences such as unwanted pregnancy and the likes. If i choose to live a wonderful life ahead of me, i still have my chance and I have all the time in the world.So it's time to start a TOTAL MAKE OVER. By this i mean i need an overhaul INSIDE and OUT.
11:00 pm
I went to work still sick but with a BIG SMILE IN MY HEART:))

Its ironic indeed, all i need was an annoying sickness to finally realize. My friends all laughed at me when I told them about this. But i know deep inside them was the secret desire to acquire MY FLU too.aheiks! Gazillion splashes of infected salivae to all of you! ;p