Saturday, April 19, 2008

but then again.

There has been change of plans.the nursing career?well it can license won't expire yet in a year or two..but i need the money now!Desperate times need pathetic measures!Well being a Call Center agent,or a Call girl as what my homies call me isn't that bad at all..except for the unpredictable shifting scheds of course and the annoying regional accent we all try to fix!But the compensation isn't questionable either..i might as well take the risk and put aside my i always say, I'm up for anything.if that 'anything' means


have you ever experienced hitting to birds in one stone?God it felt so awkward!it might have been hell of a spicy adventure but i tell you it never felt good in any way..Maybe i am just a bit hard on myself..My hands were old and shaky..i couldn't look straight into anybody's eyes. i promised myself never to do it again...ever...not this guilty pleasure....try it...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The calling..

Who doesn't love babies and all the metaphors they represent?i lurve babies but i don't have the heart for nursing..Good thing some people hire private baby nurses..atleast there's a not keep me away from pursuing my nursing..atleast i can use my license and have fun wid babies at the same time..private baby nurse..hmm..they say it's a much sosyal title for a nanny..but who cares?as long as i get paid and i take care of cute babies which is a passion for me, i'm up for anything.. SO i guess it's HELLO NURSING CAREER!