Friday, July 30, 2010

I am a material girl, so what?

As I was going through recent Fb posts, a dear friend working in Dubai walled about a 70% off diamond jewelries in a store (ARY) nearby and she bought herself a pair of earrings and a ring. I WAS DEAD ENVIOUS!

Well, I had always been fascinated with glittering jewelries and precious stones since I was a young ambitious girl. I begged my Papa in buying me even the cheapest ones he could get so long as they are genuine. Though it were China gold, I have treasured them like crazy. Unluckily, mom had to sell them when we got hit by a major financial disaster :(

Think fashion statement and investment, jewelries can give us best of both worlds! Unlike gadgets, gold doesn't depreciate. Its market value even goes up as it ages. And oh yeah, its beauty is timeless.

It is but wise to get yourself a good investment. I just did a few months ago and I am dying to get another one. See that gorgeous piece of beauty up there? I got it from a lay away plan. Though you have to be patient, it is definitely worth the wait.You are given 5 months to pay, it's not a one time pain in your pocket! Just like putting pennies on a coin bank , that is how I motivate myself.

To Dibo the gift Dragon whom my son always watches, puhleaze fly me to the Middle East at once!?! Here are the magic words: Di di bo ding dibodiboding!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Marital Suicide

A boring day leads me to playing detective. spying over his good old friendster account. Never did he cheat on me-- that's a fact. But woman as I am, I can't shy away from insecurities. Bury them to the depths yeah sure I can. But somehow it will find it's way out with raging hormones.

So there I go checking old testimonies, videos and pictures. Then it hit me. Damn was he dead in love with his ex. I know the word 'ex' connotes the past. I just feel that the competition is still there. No matter how hard he tries, I just couldn't accept the fact that he once madly loved her.

We are both intense lovers. He feels the same with my ex. I understand his rage with just hearing the name. I feel twice as much or even thrice as much. Maybe. Just maybe, that is how we love each other. Possessive in nature.

I know you girls out there know how this feels. When you think you have the perfect man, you'd do anything to mess things up, to kiss and make up.
A love-hate relationship is risky but sweet. Exciting yet dangerous. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Call me insane.envious.insecure. I love my JC.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Flee or get fired

I was itching to blog as my life was given outrageous twists. But my memory's sick and I can't even remember my effin' password. Now I got the reset, the liberty to document is once again--MINE!

April 30 2010
After 1 year, 11 months and 10 nights of swiping my id in that familiar office entrance, I finally stood up and left. The last few night were pure struggle, literally dragged my feet to work. That company has earned both my respect and my disgust. So I am leaving all my feedback right where I left them, in my cluttered locker.
Relieved I might say. I can't wait to stay home and nurture my infant first-hand. If you were a mother, you'd understand me. But you're not, so I'm giving you the chance to be all whiny about it( to whom it may concern). I do not care if my COE won't be as good. I HAVE HAD IT. Now I am officially a bummer. So what?

Wait, I was only a bummer for a few hours. I just received a text for a referral on a home based job. Sweet. God I'm starting to count my blessings. "Prepare for an interview anytime. For the mean time,dial for this Aussie account" This is really impromptu, but I love $$$ so it's a 'YES' then.

That was where it all started.