Saturday, July 12, 2008

S! exclusives

I am equally flattered & shocked I SHOULD SAY,expecting appreciation least from the person whom i torture with pathetic truths the most.i must admit ive been quite hard on her lately. But i aint feeling sorry about anything yet! Coz i believe a MORBID girl like her needs a friend who shares the same level of MORBIDITY. We click though we have differences. In fact we argue a lot--intelligently. Sometimes we even hate each other so much. But never in my life did i feel most needed. Awww..Now you're making me weep:(

So i dedicate this blog to my 'it' girl JAZZIE or S as I call her.For even if I always make her cry, she knows how much i love her and Skye too. She might have failed to see the qualities she has which I envy most: creativity and eloquence. That if she's happy im happier. That she's one hot soon-to-be mOmmy.

But i know she knows for a fact that if she attempts to hurt herself or Skye again, Id be the first to spank her ass (figuratively and literally) and it would surely be painful than death per se. FYI, I normally threaten or ignore her just to let her know I disagree,just to make her realize I CARE. Weird but lovely aren't we?

Experts say Positive reinforcement is the best motivation but i beg to disagree. That just doesnt work for S & B. We feast on PESSIMISM and we get passionately driven by sorrow,or worse, depression. Why are we such NEGA BITCHES? Coz by being such,we lose less and gain more. DOes that make sense?


Jazz ee said...

grrr.. you just made me cry.. again.. love yah much B.!

JANELLY said...

am i that brutaL?xoxo

Jazz ee said...

hehehe.. sorta.. but tha's hy i lurve yeah..